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To be Aware

In Order to get to know your karma and then resolve it….You simply have to be AWARE!. And Awareness means…..GIVING ATTENTION.

Our karma is always clicked to our emotions. And I dear to say that all emotions are dirty. Emotions aren’t the same as feeling. Feelings are clean. I will give you a list of emotions and of feelings.


· Aggression

· Hate

· Violation

· Laughter in a typical way

· Screaming

· Depression

· All illnesses

FE Feelings







Emotions will always go with a great deal of arousal and they always make you suffer. Again they are always related to your Karma. Eckhart Tolle refers to it as:

Our Pain body.

The first step to be aware of your pain body and emotions in general is….to write them down. GET YOURSELF A DIARY. Just write down the following:

What kind of emotions did you recognized?

To what were they related= what situation? .. Friends=family= work=boss=debts etc.

Now write them down for a week and then sit down and write a short story about every item.

I hate being in debt. I am such an ass not being able to pay my debts. No one= not even my close family takes me seriously. Everything is about money nowadays. The whole world is an a crises. Many people have lost their houses and work. I to, will end up in the gutter. I am so terribly mad and can’t do anything about it.

Now try to feel the emotions that are involved and then just let it be. Do the same thing with all the emotions you had.

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To be aware.

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