maandag 15 februari 2010

Why..´the secret´is not working fot you ..YET.

Why ´The secret´ is not working for you –yet!

Why is it that many people are still struggling with themselves- their relations- illness and work and finances? Well because there is a secret to the secret! The secret is…..

Get rid of the thing that is holding you back- Get rid of your Karma!!

Karma is related to suffering. Every religion can tell you that. We had to suffer in order to get the quilt from our shoulders. And true it was.

But not anymore!

In my previous article- 2012, it’s all about consciousness; I talked about the next level or frequency we are going to enter. Well, in order to get into the next frequency- we have to be clean. Clean of quilt that was related to Karma. In other words- we cannot enter the next frequency with this burden.

Why would you like to enter the next level? Well, somewhere in your memory you will find the answer. Every soul that is now living on this beautiful planet, called earth- between 2012 and 2015, will feel this goal. And all of us will feel the help of many entities, to achieve that goal. Just ask for help!

What’s all this stuff about a new earth? Those of you, who will enter the next level, will feel reborn. Everything will be possible. Just imagine that for the first time you can make your brain work for the full 100%- just by connecting the 2 hemispheres. You will no longer fit into the roles that we have created for men an d women. You will be united with the other part of yourself. Masculine ( when your female) and feminine ( when you are male). That will be just the start of creating anything that you want-


Creating from the hart can only start from the right hemisphere and connected to your left-one, you can manifest your creations. It was Jesus who answered the question- How can we enter the Kingdom of God…. With this words..

When you make of two-one

And the inner as the outer

And the outer as the inner

And the upper as the below

To make the feminine and the masculine to one

So that the masculine not will remain

And the feminine not will remain

Then you will enter the Kingdom.

So – just be very grateful-when you experience right now- a great deal of problems- you are ready to be born again. Are you ready now to be aware? Read my next article.

Author of: 2012- it’s all about consciousness. Why the secret is not working for you yet.

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