maandag 15 februari 2010

2012-Its all about consioussness


It’s all about consciousness!

Many people are predicting the end of this beautiful planet, and say that you can survive, by building shelters and getting enough food to survive. Then they just want you to buy their books…about how to survive. I always ask myself 1 question: Why would I like to survive- when there is nothing left? I would not want to- YOU? When I was a busy business-lady and earned a lot of money; I got some spiritual dreams (at brought daylight). Never was into that spiritualism- people whom I know- where floating from one site to another- telling me that I had to meditate! And again I asked myself just 1 question- Why would God want us all to meditate? I just couldn’t find an answer. In 1999 I got some lucid dreams about what was going to happen and let me share that with you all. My perception of spirituality is:

Spirituality is all about- being creative and manifest things. For me; sitting on the top of a mountain and meditate, is only just for a few people. The planet earth is about manifesting and creating things…from the hart! Of course we need our ego to get started, but don’t let your ego rule things. I practice a really practical form of spirituality. It seems to be my daily work- giving attention to my plants- my animals connecting with other people and my writings.

2012 until 2015.

3 years of hard work on your karma- will give you the consciousness that you need. All the suffering that we experienced, will be over and done. We are about to create! In those years we will experience strange changes within ourselves. Physical changes. We are getting sick, because we will create a whole new system of internal organs. It’s because we are saying: no more McDonalds- no more unhealthy stuff…I just can’t bear it anymore! All the problems you will have in those years- or perhaps now…will indicate that you have some work to do! Getting rid of that karma- is the work that you will have to do, in order to get passed the next level. How?

Read all about it in my next stories and also at my daily Blog:

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