woensdag 28 oktober 2009

Creating a dream in Ecuador

A group of Dutch people have the dream to create their own eco-village in Ecuador. And it just so happens that I know Ecuador very well, because I live there for 5 years now. I have put many of my ideas on this blog in Dutch and Ive got some questions in English...so I am about to translate the most important things, about our vision ( that is slightly different from the Anastasia vision) and our mission. Lets go first to the land we could buy.
The photos above are of a piece of land that is 32 acres and it has a wood of 12 acres that never have been touched by humans. We can not touch this wood, but we can make our houses there.We have 20 acres to build houses, little hotel, school...and what ever...for the general use. And than we have our own river and waterfall. The land is in a mild climate, about 22 degrees and is suited just nearby Santo Domingo de los Colorados. Ofcourse we do have the opportunity to buy many pieces of land...But we have to focus a little bit. We will have the first meeting with out group in November, when i am visiting Holland. You can mail me: jpoorter@andinanet.net and nomadevrouw@hotmail.es
We are about to translate the whole of the philosophy in english, and for now I will write the most important thing. We are creators and thefore we have opened up the ideas of the Anastasia villages. We will make small businesses of all the ideas that we have. for example: sell cremes of medicinal plants; sell fruit juices- with medicinal plants. we will sell our artcrafts, we will sell our spiritual tourism and lessons for managers ( spiritual management). And ofcourse much more. The peace and order we have in the village will not be disturbed, because we will put the markets- outside the village.
The idea is, that when we choose to live together- we can choose to put our personal incomes in a big fund. This fund will be of everyone and we can pay out of this fund. It isnt easy to do that...we stil have our EGOs to count for...so this is mine and that is yours. We would like to eliminate this whole system. We are all one....
For the people who would like to have the whole blog translated- please send us an email.
You can also look at our website: www.el-ser.com
although the info isnt quite for the ecovillage. but it has a nice vision and mision.

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